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Revised December 6, 2000
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Welcome to AZ Genetics, a site dedicated to exploring the genetic world within 9003inc's product Aquazone Deluxe II with Gupppies. As this site is furthur developed, your input on features would be greatly appreciated. Email me with suggestions!

The Guppy Gallery now contains over 340 images. Each one is completely unique. More are being added all the time. Show off your best creations! Information on submitting your guppies is contained on the Guppy Gallery pages.

To help make comparisons between similar colored guppies, the Guppy Color Gallery has a new sister page grouped by colors. Follow the link on the Guppy Color Gallery pages to view all the guppies in the gallery by color!

Have you done research? Would you like to submit it for others to see? Send me a research article outlining your work and findings and it will find itself on a page for others to read. An example of a research article is the Mosaic Tail Pattern page. Put something together today and you can brag to everyone that you are the author of a published research article!

This Aquazone Fish Ring Site is owned by Greg Arihood. 
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