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In an effort to standardize the understanding of AZ color genetics and to provide a framework with which we can communicate consistently between those who are breeding guppies, it seemed like a good idea to post images of the guppies and to vote on what their names should be.

How to submit a guppy: You can email me pics of guppies with colorations other than those already contained here. Attach the pics to your email and send them to Please use the following guidelines:
  • Please send them in the .GIF or .JPG format.
  • The image should be a side view of a single guppy.
  • Please use a solid background. Black works well for lighter guppies and a lighter background (like the "no background" green) works well for darker guppies.
  • Please let your guppy grow to it's full size (about 240 days) before sending in your pic. A full size guppy is much better looking and easier to view online. I know that it is sometimes hard to restrain yourself from showing off your new creation to the world, but a little time will make a difference in how good it looks on the page.
  • The guppy should be a solid color, without any tail pattern (like mosaic).
  • Please crop the pic as closely to the edge of the the guppy's body as possible. Most of the images here are about 3,000 bytes. An extra 1/4 inch around the edges adds almost 20,000 extra bytes. A smaller file makes for a faster loading page and everyone appreciates that!

If you already have a name for your guppy in mind, add it to the message.

The posts here are meant to standardize colors. Other pages may be added that deal with other traits. Please limit your submissions to color issues.

How to recommend/vote on a name: On each page of guppy images there will be a link near the top which will open up a submission form. Fill out the form and press the "Submit" button. To specify which guppy you're email refers to use the guppy's ID number. Each guppy will be assigned an ID number that will appear directly below the guppy's picture. Directly below that will be the suggested name(s). Please don't vote until the deadline for recommendations has passed. You never know what great name will come up at the last minute!

Guppy Color Gallery

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