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The requests for an "expanded" Guppy Gallery have been heard and are now a reality. Guppies of all sizes and types can be posted in the new Guppy Gallery. The existing Guppy Gallery that has been used for defining tail color still exists and has been renamed the "Guppy Color Gallery". It can be found by using the Color link on the left.

Instructions for submitting your guppies are basically the same as those for submitting guppies in the old Guppy Gallery. There are a few additional pieces of information that you, at your discretion, may choose to provide. A sample is provided on the actual Guppy Gallery pages, but here are the basics:

  • You get to name your creation. There's no voting here, so call it what you want. Please name your own guppy. If you don't i'll name it Frank.
  • Supply your email address and name/nickname if you want it be displayed. Include it if you want others who are interested in your work to be able to contact you directly. Omit it if you want to remain anonymous.
  • There is also an optional information page. You can, at your discretion, submit as much or as little information about your guppy as you want. Send the information and I will add a link below your guppy which points to a page that will display it. Interesting information to include might be what you feel is unique about your guppy. Maybe you want to detail what steps you took to get the colors just so. There are no rules or limits as to what you can put on this page.

Send your guppy to me at

Remember to include as many or as few of the items listed above. But please at the very least give him/her a name. The usual "rules" apply. 1) The guppy should be full grown (about 240 days old) and displayed from the side; 2) The image should be in .GIF or .JPG format; 3) Crop the image as close to the guppy as possible to shorten the page's loading time; 4) Use a solid colored background that is significantly different from the guppy's main coloration.

Guppy Gallery

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