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Date Action
Sept. 22, 1999 Initial site launch.
Sept. 24, 1999 Added the Gene Talk discussion forum.
Sept. 28, 1999 Added guppy images and like to the voting site on the guppy page.
Sept. 28, 1999 Added site search capabilities.
Oct. 1, 1999 Added Yellow Mosaic Tail Pattern research report.
Oct. 1, 1999 Added Tail Pattern discussion forum.
Oct. 4, 1999 Added Chapter 4 to the Genetics Primer.
Oct. 9, 1999 Placed message board digests in operation.
Oct. 26, 1999 Added the guppy image gallery and voting pages.
Nov. 5, 1999 Added an access icon to the Guppy Gallery to all pages.
Nov. 6, 1999 Added the Body Type and Tail Color discussion forums.
Nov. 6, 1999 Expanded search capability to search messages only or to exclude messages.
Nov. 7, 1999 Added the Genetic Traits Information Page.
Nov. 8, 1999 Added a link to the Guppy Gallery on the message board pages.
Dec. 21, 1999 Created a new "Guppy Gallery" and renamed the old one the "Guppy Color Gallery."
Dec. 22, 1999 Added a page to view guppies in the Guppy Color Gallery by color groupings.